The artical that is being recearched is "Fight at Auburn High", written by Anne Bains.

'Radical Overtones' Involved in Violent Incident at School
By Gloria Kelly
Wednesday, January 11th, 1989
The Halifax Chronicle-Herold

January 12, 1989
School shut to help cool black-white tensions, charges laid included, six of causing a disturbance, 10 of unlawful assembly, and
2 of possession of weapons

Classes Cancelled amid student tensions
By Morris Green and Dave Sullivan
Thursday January 12th,1989
Halifax Chronicle-Herold
Front Page

14 Charged in Fights at School
By Our Staff
Friday January 13th, 1989
Halifax Chronicle-Herold
Front Page January 14, 1989
Racial tension no surprise, locals say black and white children live separately in the Nova Scotia community. Dunn a grade 11
student, says tension between blacks and whites has existed as long as he has been in school and before that as well. He says
that he has never sat in a classroom with a black person until he reached high school.Cole Harbor has 1700 students and a
quarter of that is black.

School's Priority to Return to Normal
By Morris Green
Saturday January 14th, 1989
Halifax Chronicle-Herold
Front Page

July15, 1989
Steven Fraser 20 was arrested for the fight at Cole Harbor District High School.

July 24th 1990
Nova Scotians have a hunger strike protesting racism. It was a group of whites and blacks who lead the protest in front of City
Hall. Black activist Evangeline Cain say's "we feel the plight of black people needs attention". They want the Nova Scotian
education system to enquire about racism. After the Cole Harbor incident two black men were arrested and convicted. Ten
blacks and eight whites were charged following the fight in January but all the charges against whites were dropped.

Black Heritage and the Unity Debate: Is Anyone Listening?
By Sharon Clyke Oliver
Saturday, March 1st, 1997
the Halifax Cronicle-Herold
Opinion Section

Cole Harbor a Racial Divide
    -October 1997 fire alarms were pulled and teachers, students and parents were physically and verbally abused.
    -School was shutdown for a week when reopened changes took place such as:
    -RCMP officials patrolled the halled
    -School day opened at 8 am and closed at 12:30 pm
    -private security guards were hired, security camera's installed
    -half dozen students were expelled
    -After this the school was shutdown completely, after being reopened good changes have occurred student mediators, workshops on racism, technology to improve literacy and plans to hire more visibly minority teachers
    -teachers, students, and parents have acknowledged that problems exist and have united in their efforts to bring about a successful resolution
    -quote from Matt Pierce a grade 10 student "before I don't think people recognized what the consequences of their actions would be, so a lot of people were quick to get violent, now I think they realize what the consequences are. Our reputation is so bad, and I think everyone here is trying to come together to fight this.

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