Russell A. Hunt
Department of English
St. Thomas University

Iguanas in First Year:
A Thumbnail History
of The Aquinas Program

A presentation for the
Purdy Crawford Teaching Centre's Teaching Day
Mount Allison University
31 August 2005

A brief chronology

1990-2 Exploring the general dissatisfaction with first year curriculum
Inkshedding and publishing the faculty views
The Choices conference
1992-3 Senate ac hoc committee on the first year curriculum prepares a report
1993-4 Implementation and planning
1994-5 First sections of Aquinas offered: Truth in Society, Technology and Social Change, Gender and Society

Some source materials available on the Web

The original Senate report and proposal:
List of sections offered 1994-2000:
The 1995 report on the Truth in Society section of the program: /aqreport/report.htm
The 2001 "self-study" of Truth in Society for the external review committee:
Information on the "Occasions" module: