Affordances and Constraints of Electronic Discussions:

A Draft and -- You Guessed It -- An Electronic Discussion

By clicking here you can go to the draft my presentation at Inkshed 13 was based on, and to the HyperNews forum discussion of it (it's at the bottom of the text). Be warned that this is a working draft, and may change drastically without warning.

By clicking here you can get to the notes for my oral introduction to the presentation of these ideas at Inshed 13. They may give some context to the text, and is an attempt to explain the way I'm using the terms "afford" and "constrain." Eventually, I suspect these explanations will become part of the paper.

Here, there's a draft of another discussion of the many of the same ideas, as published in Connexions, the journal of the International Society for Exploring Teaching Alternatives.

I'm till hoping that people who read this draft will post responses in the HyperNews forum, because the best way I know to get a sense of how (for example) HyperNews differs from other media for conducting conversations online, and thus of what I mean by "affordance" and "constraint." I'm particularly interested in reflections on the constraints and affordances of "traditional" forms of interactive electronic discussions, but I hope it goes without saying I'm open to responses and comments on any of these ideas. If you have problems figuring out the HyperNews interface (or anything else about this) please let me know via email.