Russ Hunt's Reviews

by Dan Goggins

Fredericton Musical Theatre
The Playhouse, February 2004

I'd said I expected to review the Fredericton Musical Theatre's Nunsense, but after watching (and enjoying) it I decided I don't have anything much to say about it beyond noting that there were some wonderfully strong voices and arresting stage presence among the ten habit-clad women on the stage, that most of the principals (as well as bandleader Michael Capon) were extraordinarily skillful at selling a song and camping up the comedy -- and that if you showed up at the Playhouse looking for plot, characters or ideas you were at the wrong venue: this was froth. Mostly entertaining, funny, exhilarating froth, mind you: it's clear that Jim Myles has not lost his touch at mounting a musical or helping people create memorable performances.

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