What "Online" Means:
Considering Alternatives for 
Enriching Classes with Computers

Russell Hunt
St. Thomas University

A Workshop
University of New Brunswick - Saint John
12 March 1999

[this workshop began a discussion on, and about, HyperNews in educational contexts,
which continued for some time, and is now saved here. Feel free to join in.]
Some Useful Links
My Web site is at http://www.stthomasu.ca/~hunt/

The main Web site for my current Truth in Society Section is at http://www.stthomasu.ca/~hunt/10069900/

The HyperNews Occasions forum for this year's Truth in Society can be accessed at http://www.stthomasu.ca/~hunt/10069899/occspage.htm

There is a testing site for HyperNews, where you can play with it, at http://www.hypernews.org/HyperNews/get/hypernews/test/5718.html

There is a testing site for Ceilidh at http://www.lilikoi.com/test_ceilidh.html

A draft article on what various kinds of electronically mediated discussion fora afford (and what they constrain) can be seen at http://www.stthomasu.ca/~hunt/hndraft.htm

An explanation of how an internal network drive can be used with Web-style texts can be found in a paper on understanding student reading, at http://www.stthomasu.ca/~hunt/anzac.htm