The St Thomas University All-sky Camera
Sample Captured Events

The Fredericton All-Sky Camera has been operational since the beginning of February, 2007 on the roof of the new Margaret Norrie McCain building at St Thomas University. Early camera settings did not effectively filter some terrestrial events, such as the evening migration of crows to their evening roost (invariably taking the flock immediately overhead!), airplanes, blowing snow etc.

Capture settings have been improved and fewer terrestrial events trigger the camera, minimising the false alarms from ~2-300/night to just a few events per night. People wishing to reveive a thumbnail copy of the triggerred images can send an email request to

A few of the most representative terrestrial captures and images of some of the meteors/fireballs are posted below. This page will be replaced with one that contains daily updated captures, links to videos of the captured events, as well as star maps showing the path the bright objects travelled.

Event Type Thumbnail Motion (blue)/Star capture (green) thumbnail and links to video files (for some).

Note big dipper

Fireball November 14, 2007.


Caught by Fredericton and SJ cameras

Fredericton View

Saint John view

Fredericton view

Saint John view
Movie coming here
movie coming here
Fork Lightening
movie coming here

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by James Whitehead

Major sponsorship for the camera was provided by the Association of Professional Engineers and
Geologists of NB (APEGNB) Outreach Program