Stargazing Night for STU Faculty, Staff and Students
Next opportunity: May 2nd, 2009

Current Event Status:
On schedule, pending weather reports for the day.
Check here.


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Mactaquac Park
Assemble: Holy Cross parking lot at *pm (time to be confirmed). If you have a car with space, please meet there and take a couple of people - carpool to save the environment, and help a poor carless student!
Convoy to the viewing location.

Finish time: People can leave when they like, there is no timetable, and the whole event is very informal. It is open to the general public as well, so there will be a mixed crowd.

What will you see? There will be numerous medium-large telescopes available, and you will be able to see Saturn, craters on the moon and many galaxies. There will be a series of knowledgeable astronomers there to answer your cosmic questions.

Who can come? Anyone, STU or not.