Crim3013 Crim/Theory II MWF 11.30 Fall 2020/21 coverpage
"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed," Alan Ginsberg, Howlearthgraf

Overview: This course will cover 20thC theories used in criminology drawn from various disciplines, and based on central concepts, such as ecology, disorganization, strain, differential association, symbolic interaction, labelling, feminism, marxism, and post-modernism. These theories will be applied to issues of deviance, social control, and crime reduction.  In addition, this course develops a new approach, re/making theories commonly referred to as 'contemporary' to better understand life in late-modern 21stC society. Blended classes ordinarily combine face-to-face lectures with online asynchronous material, although in the event of moving to a remote delivery design the classroom becomes virtual. Research involves both guided and independent work.

Required text: Understanding Deviance, Downes, Rock & McCormick, 2nd, Oxford 2013. Each chapter has important teaching and learning features.

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week one: ch01 confusion; week two: ch02 sources; week three: ch03 the city;
week four: ch04 social structure; week five: ch05 anomie; week six: proposals
week seven: ch06 subcultures; week eight: ch07 interaction; week nine: readingwk;
week ten: ch10 radicals; week eleven: ch11 feminists; week twelve: metamorphosis;
week thirteen: projects due; week fourteen: exams begin